Back-to-School is Better with Honey

The leaves will soon begin to change color, the weather will finally cool off and the kids are just about to start school again. Are you ready for back-to-school madness? Here are some sweet honey recipes that’ll ease the transition.

Kids often come home hungry and ready to munch. And with all the activities, schoolwork and socializing they pack in one day, who can blame them? Giving them a sweet snack is sure to tide them over until supper.

Honey makes for packed lunch perfection. Brighten up the school day with a nutritious, delicious midday meal!


The farmers markets are still overflowing with fresh, local finds. Make use of the colorful fruits and veggies in-season, like sweetcorn, strawberries, peaches, cauliflower, zucchini and tomatoes, in these honey-kissed recipes.

Breakfast doesn’t have to take forever. In fact, some of these recipes can even be prepared ahead of time. So go on, take those extra few minutes to wake up.

August is a month full of changes, but you’ll be ready for anything. What’s your favorite part about back-to-school?

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