The Holidays Call for Honey

Honey is the ultimate holiday helper – from feeding guests to thoughtful homemade gifts. Make the recipes below when you have a spare minute, then serve when spare minutes are scarce. Each recipe is simple, make-ahead and a certified crowd favorite.  

The holiday season is perfect for starting new traditions – like baking with the little ones. Each of these recipes is sweet, simple and perfectly suited for kids. And yes, they’re all Santa-approved.

Does your gift list make you feel like you’re doing the job of at least thirty elves? Avoid the crowded aisles and make a homemade gift with honey. It’s a thoughtful gesture that’s always in style.

Hosting and toasting is the holiday way. Mix something to sip by the fireplace, impress guests with a decadent dessert, or bring a pre-feast bite to Friendsmas.

Whether it be the food you serve or the memories you make, we hope your celebrations are sweet. From our family of 290+ beekeepers to yours, happy holidays.


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