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How Sweet of You, Honey

There's a lot to love in February: a big game, sporting feats, Mardi Gras and, of course, Valentine's Day. In our eyes, each of these occasions needs two things: food and honey. So, here's what we'll be cooking.

Three words we all want to hear: breakfast in bed. So, surprise your significant other with homemade doughnut holes, or grab the littles and have them help you with a simple yet delicious two-minute toast.

Watch sporting history be made while snacking on delicious Sue Bee or Aunt Sue’s bites. While these recipes are perfect for sharing, you’re welcome to solo-snack, too.

For those of you still sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, we applaud you. For those whose sweet tooths have won out, go ahead – indulge.

We’re all about sharing sweetness, and we can think of nothing sweeter than making homemade valentines with the kiddos. Print out our sweet Valentine’s Day cards to give to family and friends, or make Mom an all-natural bubble bath.

However you’re honeying this February, share with us on social using #ShareSweetness.