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The Gold Standard
of Honey Since 1921

For 100+ years, our SUE BEE® honey has been enjoyed by generation after generation. But you might be wondering, how does a honey company maintain this reputation for that long? It’s because our SUE BEE® honey is harvested and produced right here in the U.S., direct from our trusted beekeepers – the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who have made it their lifelong profession to share sweetness with others. It’s because of them we’ve passed the 100-year mile marker. And it’s because of them you’re guaranteed pure, quality honey in every drop.

The History Behind Our 100-year-old Co-op

In 1921, our company began as a small group of just five beekeepers. Located near Sioux City, Iowa, they shared equipment, marketing and processing facilities – all to help support one another. Today, we are still a co-op, but we have grown into 150+ beekeepers nationwide. Some have been members for decades – part of families who have passed down the trade for generations – and some have pioneered and started their own bee farms. But all of our members have a passion for producing a pure, quality product that customers can trust. And we’re proud to say we know each of our beekeepers by name, because we’ve learned that’s how you produce the best honey for more than a century.

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Our Quality Starts & Ends With Process

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. That’s our motto. That’s also why we’ve put in place a rigorous testing process that ensures you’re getting top-quality honey. For SUE BEE®, we start with establishing who and where the honey is coming from, including co-op member, floral source and geographic location. From there, we pull samples from every single batch of honey, testing it for certain attributes like color, moisture, purity, pollen and more. Then, and only then, do we deem that honey pure and ready to be bottled up and delivered for you to enjoy. It’s not a simple process, but it’s one we’ve perfected over the years and will continue to use every day.

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