From a time when farm to table was only a few feet away.
1921. That’s the year we started, when there wasn't a separation between natural and food. This is where our commitment to purity and quality began, and has pointed the way for nearly 100 years.

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A business model inspired by bees: cooperation
One bee can't do it all, neither can one farmer. It’s why five humble beekeepers from Sioux City, Iowa, formed a co-op to share equipment and resources to bring more honey to market. It’s a way of doing business where family farms stay in the family and decisions are made democratically.
As more companies go back to being natural, we can say we never left.
Can ordinary farmers expand their business without sacrificing farmers-market quality? Can they make honey without making sacrifices in beliefs? Year after year, we’ve proven the answer is always yes. Whether its 1921 or 2021, the natural, the pure co-op honey behind our label has remained the same. Sure, we drive slightly bigger pick-up trucks, but the independent spirit of doing what’s right for your family has never changed.

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