Set the Thanksgiving Table with Sue Bee Honey

Nominated honorary Thanksgiving chef? Sweating over finding the perfect sweet yet savory side dish? Stop flipping through that cookbook and keep reading. We’ve crafted an entire Thanksgiving menu from the turkey to the dessert with the goal of keeping your stress minimal and your taste buds delighted.

The Star of the Spread

Our honey brined herb roasted turkey will take your spread to a new level this year with this savory honey brine.

Serve Alongside

This candied yams casserole with pineapple bits and a sweet topping made with pecans is a great holiday side dish.

Honey and butter combine to make these glazed carrots irresistible!

Maple honey corn muffins are a hearty, tasty alternative to traditional dinner rolls.

Dip Into This

For a fun take on a traditional hummus, try this versatile pumpkin hummus that can be made as sweet or savory as you’d like.

Honey Pumpkin Hummus

Something Sweet, Please? You Got It

Our spiced pears recipe is sweet yet light and a perfect accompaniment to a hearty winter meal.

This luscious, rich pumpkin cheesecake will be your family’s new favorite pumpkin dessert.

For Sipping

Impress your guests this year with honey mulled wine. This fresh holiday cocktail is one they’re sure to love!

Honey Mulled Wine