Sweetening the Day with Operation Honey Bear Hug

A Testament to the Spirit of Sioux Honey’s Beekeepers

Mark Mammen, President Emeritus at Sioux Honey, summed up the initiative by stating, “Our beekeepers live in these communities, and they are some of the most lovable people you’ll ever meet. They’re all about sharing sweetness, so we decided to make this donation – our largest single donation ever – in their honor, to celebrate Sioux Honey’s beekeeper families.”

This sentiment underscores the deep connections and genuine care that Sioux Honey and its beekeepers have for their communities, driving the decision to contribute in such a significant way.

A Thoughtful Approach to Community Giving

Faced with the phase-out of their 8oz bear packaging, Sioux Honey saw a unique opportunity to support the communities around them. Instead of tossing the unused containers, the co-op filled them with their premium honey and distributed them to those in need. Mammen highlighted the suitability of this donation, noting, “Our premium honey is an ideal product for food banks and pantries because of its versatility. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated; it can be used to help soothe a sore throat or tame a cough; it’s a great natural substitute for sugar in baking; and it has an epic shelf life.”

Maximizing Impact Through Strategic Donations

The 30,000 honey bears were evenly distributed among five food banks/pantries, carefully selected for their reach and impact within their respective states. These donations were directed to:

  • Great Plains Food Bank in Fargo, North Dakota
  • The Idaho Foodbank in Meridian, Idaho
  • Second Harvest Heartland in Minnesota
  • South County Outreach in Irvine, California
  • Food Bank of Siouxland in Sioux City, Iowa

Through the careful selection of these food banks/pantries, Sioux Honey made certain that the donation touched the lives of numerous individuals and families, highlighting their deep-rooted commitment to extensive community support.

Beekeepers’ Role in Enhancing Community Connections

The involvement of Sioux Honey’s beekeepers in “Operation Honey Bear Hug” highlights the collective spirit and dedication of the co-op to community outreach. Many beekeepers, actively preparing for the almond pollination season, still participated in the distribution of honey bears to the food banks. This direct involvement showcases the beekeepers’ commitment to their communities and to the mission of Sioux Honey to make a positive, meaningful impact.

Continuing the Legacy of Community Support

“Operation Honey Bear Hug” is a testament to Sioux Honey’s commitment to making a difference in the communities they serve. By creatively utilizing their resources, the co-op provided a nutritious and versatile product to those in need, reflecting their ongoing dedication to quality and community support. As Sioux Honey looks to the future, the co-op continues to explore new opportunities to support communities and address specific needs, continuing a legacy of generosity and community engagement.


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