Going back to school is sweeter with honey!

It’s August, which means the kiddos will soon be heading back to school for another year. After the long summer months, getting back into a healthy eating schedule will be their key to success. Whether it’s ideas for breakfast, lunch or after-school snacks, we’ve got you covered with these delicious and fun back-to-school recipes.


You know that old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It’s definitely true. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and helps you make the most of the day ahead. But sometimes, with all the responsibilities a new school year brings, mornings can be hectic. Smoothies are a quick fix to this problem, and these colorful Fruit Smoothies are deliciously sweet and packed with fruits and veggies!

If you’re really rushed in the mornings, consider overnight oats. Mix ingredients in a bowl or jar, let it set overnight, then just grab and go. Sue Bee® Honey Overnight Oats are simple and packed with fiber, and our Honey Cocoa-Banana Overnight Oats will satisfy any sweet tooth.


Packing a hearty lunch is one of the best ways to keep your kids’ minds and bodies active while they’re in school. And don’t forget that lunch is important for you too, parents! Our Quick Sandwich Kabobs are a fun twist on the classic lunch, and our Banana Peanut Butter and Honey Rollups will satisfy those lunchtime cravings. So before you just throw something together the night before, check out our many lunch ideas. Both your kids and your stomach will thank you.


Let’s be honest, can you really celebrate going back to school without having awesome snacks to come home to? After a day of classes, socializing and homework, your kids will be hungry. Snacks made with honey offer a sweet treat that will help keep kids full and ready to tackle their math worksheets before dinner. Check out our guides for delicious kid-friendly snacks: Back to School Recipes for Hungry Kids, 10 Recipes for Kids Using Honey and 11 Granola Bar Recipes with Honey.

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