Summer Snack Attack

5 quick and easy recipes that kids – and parents – will love

Riding a bike. Skateboarding. Running. Swimming. Baseball, softball – just having a ball. Kids find all sorts of ways to burn extra energy in the summertime. Sure, they burn energy year-round. Lots of it. But in the summertime, when they can run and play outside, they are energy-guzzling, turbo-charged machines that go, go, go!

Which means they need more fuel in the summer months to keep them going. 

“Mom, dad, we need snacks. What do we have to eat?”

Sound familiar? It does to us – we’re parents, too. And we know all about the summer snack attacks. Which is why we put together some of our favorite homemade recipes to help get you through the summer. They’re easy to make, kids love them, and they all include our favorite natural ingredient: Sue Bee® honey.

Honey PB Cheerio Bars

With three simple ingredients and no baking required, these snacks are perfect for the brisk pace of summer. And they’re portable, so kids can take them on the go. Try them out.

Photo of Honey PB Cheerio Bars.

Honey Fruit Snacks

These tasty nuggets are great for an afternoon snack, part of lunch or even on a summer road trip. And you can make them in just a few quick steps.

Photo of Honey Fruit Snacks

Cinnamon Honey Chex Mix

This one comes highly recommended from our resident hyper-wholesome mom who, as a long-distance runner, knows all about keeping the body full of energy. “And it tastes great!” she says. Try the recipe.

Photo of Cinnamon Honey Chex Mix

Fruit Yogurt Popsicles

Keep the kiddies cool this summer with these frozen delights. Made with Sue Bee® honey, yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit, they are popular with our on-the-go children. Try them out.

Photo of Yogurt Popsicles

Honey-Kissed Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are the perfect way to get filled up with energy, especially in the summer. Nothing is more refreshing than an ice-cold smoothie while having fun in the sun. Try one of our five fruit smoothie recipes – better yet, try them all!

Photo of smoothies.
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