7 reasons why Sue Bee® Honey should bee your go-to condiment

Pass the honey, please

Who are the usual suspects when it comes to condiments on your dinner table? Salt is often a go-to. And its mate, pepper. Maybe ketchup makes a regular appearance. Or, for those with a spicy-loving palate, perhaps a jalapeno-fueled sauce. 

And then there’s sugar. Maybe it’s out of habit. Maybe it’s something you’ve “always had.” Either way, the time has come to replace it. There’s a better substitute.

You probably know where this is going, and you’re right. The replacement is none other than our all-time favorite – nature’s gift to humans: honey. Indeed, the time has come for Sue Bee® honey to take its rightful place at the dinner table, and here are seven reasons why:

Picture of a bottle of Sue Bee Honey with Sriracha and mustard in the background.
Sue Bee® Honey should be within arm’s reach at your dinner table.

No. 1 – We prefer it over sugar

Highly refined and over-processed items are not welcome at our dinner table. So we substitute sugar with our preferred sweetener, Sue Bee® honey. (Serendipitously, you can shop for it from home!)

No. 2 – Tasty in tea and coffee

Adding Sue Bee® honey to your coffee or tea makes your taste buds do a happy dance. Honey is nature’s sweetener, and it blends so well – not just with a warm cup of coffee or tea, but also in a fresh batch of sun tea. Stir it in and experience pure joy! (If you’re feeling adventurous, try our Honey Lemon Green Tea.)

No. 3 – Sizzles up salads

Having a salad? Have you ever drizzled a dash of Sue Bee® honey on your greens? If you’re not shaking your head in a vigorous yes-yes-yes motion, it’s time to try it. (Give it a taste with our Honey-Lime Fruit and Quinoa Salad recipe.)

No. 4 – Tames spicy food

Temper the spice of traditional Buffalo-style wings (and any spicy dish, for that matter) or give that BBQ chicken a delicious zest. (Try our Oven-Fried Honey BBQ Chicken Wings or our Honey-Baked Chicken Wings recipes.)

No. 5 – Perfect for dunking pizza crusts

When it’s pizza night, honey should be within arm’s reach. One word: crust. Ever dipped that doughy goodness in honey? Dunked or drizzled, either way, a little Sue Bee® honey is perfect for those often-uneaten pizza crusts. (P.S., if you want a no-leftovers recipe for homemade pizza, try our simple and easy-to-make Greek Naan Pizza.)

No. 6 – Great for homemade bread

While we’re talking about that wheat-and-flour blend of heaven known as bread – a mainstay on dinner tables across America – let’s make a case for why Sue Bee® honey should be right there with it. Olive oil? Butter? We prefer fewer calories at our dinner table, so we dip our rolls in that golden goodness from our pollinator friends, the honeybees. (We even have a delectable recipe for Honey Whole Wheat Bread.)

No. 7 – It lasts and lasts and lasts …

Obviously, we could go on and on justifying honey’s daily presence on your dinner table, but we’ll wrap this round up with Reason No. 7 as to why Sue Bee® honey should be your go-to condiment at the dinner table:

Shelf life.

Honey doesn’t have an expiration date, and it doesn’t spoil. Need proof? How about this historical nugget: When the tomb of King Tut (1341–1323 BC) was excavated in 1922, a jar of honey was found. And it was still edible. The honey had crystalized, but crystallization doesn’t mean the honey has gone bad. Some people even prefer crystallized honey. To each their own. But if you want it more traditional style, set the jar of crystallized honey in a bowl of warm-to-hot water and voila! Back to a liquid state and ready to enjoy.

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