4 Tips for Baking With Honey

When is the last time you found yourself in a baking groove only to realize at the worst possible moment that you’ve run out of sugar? There’s no need to panic and put your treats on hold while you make a beeline for the grocery store. Baking with honey can be a simple and effective alternative that will add the sweetness your recipe calls for!

1. Different Types of Honey = Different Types of Flavor

Honey is often used as a substitute for sugar and other sweeteners in baking. Using honey as a baking substitute can be a quick fix, but it’s important to remember that different types of honey can have varying effects on the taste of your creation. Light honey, for instance, is sweeter and unlikely to be overpowering, while darker honey has a more distinct flavor and can potentially alter the taste of the recipe if one adds too much.

2. Add Honey and Subtract Moisture

The first thing you need to remember about substituting honey for sugar is that, when adding a liquid sweetener in this case honey to your recipe, you must account for the added moisture and take away liquid in other areas. Honey adds additional moisture to a recipe and is great for baked goods like breads, cakes, muffins and pies. A good rule of thumb is to subtract 1/4 cup of liquid elsewhere for every full cup of honey used.

3. One Cup of Sugar = One Cup of Honey

As for how much honey needs to be added to your baking, you can actually substitute equal parts honey for sugar. For example, if your recipe calls for one cup of sugar, use one cup of honey instead. Keep in mind, though, that for every cup of honey used, you’ll need to increase the baking soda by 1/2 teaspoon to help neutralize the acidity of the honey and help the food rise.

4. Reduce Temperature to Prevent Overbrowning

After you’ve got your all your ingredients mixed and you’re ready to bake, it’s important to remember that honey bakes faster than sugar so be sure to lower your oven temperature by 25 degrees to prevent overbrowning. Once you’re finished, brush your delicious treats with honey for a sweet, shiny glaze after they have cooled down and enjoy!

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