How it’s made, and our favorite ways to use it

It’s creamy. It has a silky-smooth texture. It’s easy to spread. And it has only one ingredient: honey, 100%. 

You might have heard it called “whipped honey” or “honey butter.” We call it SUE BEE® SPUN® honey and we’ve been making it almost as long as our co-op of beekeepers have been collecting honey – which is 100 years in 2021.

SUE BEE® SPUN® honey is by far our most popular Sioux Honey product. That’s because we’ve perfected the SPUN® honey process. Here’s how we do it (at least, as much as we can say – it is, after all, a well-guarded secret):

First, granulated honey is added to liquid honey and the two go for a spin – literally. Once they’ve been blended and spun, the mixture is moved to a cooling unit where the consistency – the spreadable, velvety deliciousness we all love – develops.

Unlike granulated honey all by itself, our propriety mixing process takes the graininess of granulated honey and refines the granules down so small that it creates a very smooth and easy-to-spread consistency.

Since SUE BEE® SPUN® honey is already “crystalized,” you can place it in the refrigerator to harden the texture if you prefer. Take it out and bring it to room temperature to bring it back to a smooth, creamy and spreadable texture. 

Photo of SUE BEE® SPUN® honey.


SUE BEE® SPUN® honey differs from regular liquid honey in that, if you place regular liquid honey in the refrigerator, it will cause the honey to naturally granulate and crystalize. All of which is still delicious. In fact, some people prefer naturally crystalized honey. You can read more about the crystallization process of honey in our blog, “A Precious Gem: Crystallized honey is not only OK, it’s preferred by many foodies.”

All about versatility with SPUN honey

In addition to SUE BEE® SPUN® honey being our most popular Sioux Honey product, it also might be our most versatile. While you can certainly add SPUN® honey to your coffee, tea and baked goods, we like to spread it … on everything! Crackers, biscuits, bagels, rolls, fruit, veggies, French toast and – arguably the best way – on peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Have you tried it? It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

And not just any peanut butter and honey sandwiches. We have recipes to PB&H combos you won’t soon forget. Here are three of our all-time favorites.

Photo of peanut butter, bacon and SUE BEE® SPUN® honey sandwich.
As Homer Simpson would put it, “Mmm, bacon …”

‘The Homer’


  • Two slices of multigrain bread
  • Your favorite creamy (or chunky, if you prefer) peanut butter
  • SUE BEE® SPUN® honey
  • 3 pieces of cooked bacon, medium thickness


If you’re familiar with “The Simpsons” character, Homer, then you know that he LOVES bacon. Mmm, bacon. So, in honor of Homey, we present our salty-and-sweet bundle of edible joy we affectionately call “The Homer.”

For this one, we use a multigrain bread that has been toasted. After the toast pops up, remove from the toaster and let it cool for about 2 minutes. Then, spread the peanut butter on one side and the SUE BEE® SPUN® honey on the other. Layer the bacon in the middle and press the pieces together. YUM!

Photo of a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich.
Elvis would have loved our version of his famous sandwich.

‘The Elvis’


  • Two slices of regular ol’ white bread
  • Your favorite creamy (or chunky, if you prefer) peanut butter
  • SUE BEE® SPUN® honey
  • 1/2 banana, sliced


Elvis Presley was onto something with his peanut butter-nanna sandwich. It’s a good sandwich, no doubt. But we think we’ve made it even better by adding SUE BEE® SPUN® honey to the mix. 

First, slice up that nanna and set aside. Again, the amount of honey and peanut butter is on you – some like it thick, some not so much. For this recipe, we don’t toast the bread. We’ve tried it toasted, too, but everything seems to gel and stay together much better when the bread is not toasted for this particular sandwich. Next, spread the peanut butter and honey, then lay the banana pieces on one side, press the two pieces of bread together and viola! “The Elvis!”

‘The Hive & Seek’ (a classic)


  • Two slices of sourdough bread
  • Your favorite creamy (or chunky, if you prefer) peanut butter
  • SUE BEE® SPUN® honey


The amounts of honey and peanut butter will vary to taste. We like to toast the bread for this one, too. After the toast pops up, remove from toaster and let cool for 2 minutes. (Spreading the peanut butter and honey on hot toast tends to lead to gooeyness.) 

After the toast has cooled a bit, spread peanut butter on one side and SUE BEE® SPUN® honey on the other side. Press the two pieces together and enjoy!

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