Let’s Do the Honey Swap

Next time, try SUE BEE® honey on those pancakes instead of maple syrup

First things first: No one is suggesting that maple syrup is a bad choice when it comes to a pancake topping. Indeed, maple syrup has been the go-to for pancake connoisseurs for ages. But … have you ever tried honey on your pancakes?

Breakfast lovers have been making the swap, and there are several reasons why they now prefer honey over maple syrup when it comes to pancakes and waffles. For example, some consider honey a more healthful choice because it contains more protein and less fat and has less sodium compared to maple syrup.

Honey also has higher levels of iron, copper and phosphorus, which is needed to build strong bones.

The great flavor enhancer

Of course, the best part about the honey swap is that honey – in our humble opinion – has a more delicious and natural flavor. And that’s just our traditional SUE BEE® clover honey. Have you tried our flavored honeys? They’re perfect for pancakes!

We have introduced three naturally flavored honey infusions to our SUE BEE® lineup: Strawberry, Vanilla and Lemon. We especially love the SUE BEE® INFUSIONS™ Strawberry Honey on our pancakes!

Breakfast at home

With more and more Americans working from home these days, it’s easier to have a delicious breakfast that includes favorites like pancakes. 

So here’s the honey swap challenge: Sometime this week, before beginning your workday, whip up some pancakes for breakfast and try one of our SUE BEE® honeys as the topper in place of maple syrup. We’re sure you’ll love it.

And if you do, tell a friend – help us spread the word about the great honey pancake swap!

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