How Is Honey Made?

You likely know where it comes from, but do you know how honey is made? It starts with beekeeping – an important part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem – and we can’t thank the beekeepers in the Sioux Honey Association enough for all that they do.

The process of collecting honey starts with honeybees – nature’s little miracle workers – who collect nectar from flowering plants and bring it back to the beehive. The type of flower helps determine the flavor profile, such as clover, orange blossom, sage and more. Beekeepers are then able to collect the honeycomb from the beehive before extracting the honey.

Once it has been gathered from the beehive, our beekeepers and other producers filter the honey. It’s important to remember that this method of filtering is not the same as ultrafiltration. The actual composition of the honey is altered when it goes through an ultrafiltration process, resulting in a product that can no longer be marketed as honey. Filtering, on the other hand, is done to help to ensure purity and quality of the product and according to studies has no impact on the nutrients of the final product. What happens is the honey is warmed up to help liquefy it for better flow through filters so they can remove any excess residue from the hive. Honey that properly goes through this process is still considered pure by the USDA.

After it’s filtered, the finished product is bottled and shipped to grocery stores and supermarkets all across the country. When purchasing honey, be sure to check the label to ensure honey is the only ingredient in the bottle. All of our products are considered U.S. Grade A honey with no added ingredients or preservatives, while also being a proud product of the U.S.A.

For more information, watch the video below.


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