What’s the difference between filtered and unfiltered honey?

Filtered honey is pure, natural honey, just like raw and unfiltered honey. It’s not considered inferior in any way. It’s just different.

The filtering process (which is what we do with our classic SUE BEE® honey) simply removes visible particles that come from the hive. Raw and unfiltered honey, on the other hand, is strained, allowing more of the pollen to remain in the honey.

While many believe that the increased pollen levels of a raw honey product make it better for you, the presence or absence of pollen in our honey products does not affect its food safety or quality. Pollen is not required by the USDA, FDA or any other U.S. standards. Scientists have yet to prove that honey with pollen is better for you, but we feel consumers should make their own choices based on personal preferences and/or different usage occasions.

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