Easter Bees

Create a buzz with these colorful eggs this spring

Our cute meter just went kaput. We broke it with these super sweet, off-the-chart homemade Easter eggs. Come on, just look at these cuties!

They’re easy to make and fun for adults and kids, alike. Whether you hard-boil your Easter eggs or use plastic ones, you can make friendly honeybees out of either. Here’s how.

What you’ll need:

  • Yellow plastic eggs (fun for hiding candy or coins inside) or hard-boiled eggs dyed yellow.
  • Googly eyes (various sizes are extra fun).
  • Black paint or a black marker for the honeybee stripes and smile. You can also use black construction paper for the stripes, then glue or tape to your eggs.
  • Tiny black pom-poms for the tops of the antennas.
  • Glitter felt paper for the wings.
  • Black pipe cleaner for the tail/stinger.

Once you have all these supplies, it’s time to get creative. Make a whole hive of Easter bees and hide them around your home. Then, let the Easter egg hunting begin. Happy Easter, honey lovers!

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