Honey to the Rescue

Try soothing that sore throat and cough with honey

Kiddos with the sniffles are in above-average numbers this year, which has led to a higher-than-normal demand for over-the-counter children’s medications. But doctors warn that children shouldn’t be given adult medicines in place of treatments made for children.

Instead, some doctors are suggesting natural alternatives. For coughs and sore throats, some say a spoonful or two of honey for children over 1 year old can help offer relief. 

“Pediatricians recommend honey as a treatment for cough because it works. Studies show that honey works better than traditional ‘cough medicine’ in reducing nighttime cough symptoms,” Dr. Elisabeth DiPietro, a pediatrician at Hyde Park Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, told

Dr. Tanner Isaacson of Pediatric Associates in Kansas City, Mo., also says children can be given honey for their cough. “That actually works just as good as any of that over-the-counter stuff that you buy for cough, for colds.” Dr. Isaacson told KMBC-TV in Kansas City.

Of course, we’ve known SUE BEE® honey makes an ideal natural aide for coughs and sore throats for ages. Have you tried our “Honey Drops”? Find the recipe HERE

And one of our all-time favorites during the winter cold and flu season is a hot cup of tea with our SUE BEE® INFUSIONS™ Lemon Flavored Honey. Mmm – so soothing!

Whether you’re an adult or a kiddo, honey can help soothe that sore throat and cough brought on by winter sniffles. Just remember, children younger than 1 year old should not consume honey because it presents a risk of infant botulism.

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