7 Frozen Treats to Beat the Heat

What’s the best way to keep cool in the summer months? Frozen treats, of course! From popsicles to slushies, there are a variety of frozen snacks that are perfect for warm weather. The best ones, though, are sweetened with honey. Skip the frozen food aisle and conjure up one of these seven goodies to help keep your cool this summer.

1. Mango Frozen Yogurt
Our four-ingredient mango frozen yogurt screams summertime. You’ll love the creamy Greek yogurt texture and real mango taste of this frozen snack. For all those berry lovers out there, replace the mangos with four cups of frozen strawberries!

2. Fruit Yogurt Popsicles
Honey and yogurt plus popsicles equals the ultimate summer breakfast! This recipe allows you to pick and choose your favorite fruits to add to your morning routine. Store the popsicles in the freezer and grab one for the ride to work.

3. Honey Blueberry Citrus Slushies
Whoever said the best slushies come from 7-Eleven was sadly misinformed. There’s no need to add any neon food coloring to these delicious homemade slushies. Made with simple ingredients, these treats are sure to be some of the most refreshing and satisfying summer beverages around.

4. Sea Salt and Honey Ice Cream
Let’s be honest … not everybody has access to an ice cream maker to churn out a batch of frozen deliciousness. That’s what makes this honey ice cream recipe a winner. It only calls for a few ingredients, a bowl, a freezer and a little time.

5. Honey Strawberry Pops
These Honey Strawberry Pops are lifesavers on hot summer days. Fresh strawberries and sweet honey give these popsicles a taste that’s fresher than anything you can buy in the frozen food section at your grocery store. To switch things up, replace the strawberries with blueberries.

6. Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt
There’s nothing more refreshing than the cool, frosty taste of mint on a hot day. Take our word for it, you won’t find an easier or more delicious recipe for Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt.

7. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
Honey is the true hero in this dessert, as it’s the perfect complement to the natural sweetness of the strawberries. And with only four ingredients, this frozen yogurt is a must-try. You can even add a little extra honey for a more robust flavor.

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