11 Iced Tea Recipes Made With Honey

Do you ever crave something to drink that isn’t carbonated but has more flavor than water? Iced tea is refreshing and has just enough flavor to harmoniously accompany any meal. And because water is one of the main ingredients of iced tea, it also helps hydrate your body. Making your own tea allows you to customize it to take on any flavor you choose. Instead of tearing open an artificial sweetener packet, try using a bit of honey to add a touch of sweetness.

Our Sue Bee® Honey Peach Iced Tea brings to light the natural juices from the fresh peaches added in this recipe. You don’t even have to take the skin off the fruit, just leave it as is!

If fruitiness is your thing, then do not miss out on our Fruit Blast Sage Iced Tea or Honey Raspberry Iced Tea. Both incorporate fresh fruit like our peach iced tea to bring in natural flavors.

Another great recipe that uses fresh fruit is this Honey Pear Iced Tea by Taste of Home. Enjoy the soft sweetness that pears have to offer without a heavy, syrupy taste.

Lipton Tea’s Honey-Melon-Cucumber Iced Tea takes only minutes to make and a few more to enjoy! Once it’s chilled, you will have a luscious beverage for a sunny afternoon.

A splash of apple juice brings life to our Iced Apple Honey Tea. Add a slice of lemon to garnish and top it off.

Creative Culinary mixes in a splash of mint in this Very Berry Iced Tea With Honey Mint Syrup recipe for a refreshing and relaxing taste.

Try this recipe for Green Tea With Ginger, Mint and Honey by The Kitchn for a non-fruity base. These ingredients combine to bring about a soft, heavenly tea flavor.

Slightly Sweet Tea shared by My Recipes has a citrusy twist that combines oranges and limes to bring about flavor.

Martha Stewart shares her Hibiscus Honey Iced Tea and gives you the option of making this lovely tea a cocktail or keeping it a simple non-alcoholic beverage. Either way it is a delightful drink to enjoy among friends.

Lastly, celebrate this great season with our Summer Love Honey Tea!

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