Statement of Quality


In light of recent reports in the media of tainted or adulterated foods, Sue Bee® Honey would like to reiterate to the American consumer its longstanding commitment to quality. “All Sue Bee® Honey sold to consumers in the United States is 100 percent American and pure,” according to Sue Bee® Honey President and Chief Executive Officer David Allibone. Private label or store brand honey packaged by Sue Bee® Honey also is 100 percent American and pure.

Sue Bee® Honey is able to produce and sell only pure American honey because of its unique position as the world’s largest honey marketing cooperative. Its individual cooperative members, located throughout the United States, are all beekeepers with family-owned honey production operations. Together these members produce 35 million to 40 million pounds of honey annually. This homegrown honey is then rigorously tested in the foremost laboratory maintained by any honey packer, processed for purity and packaged in state-of-the-art facilities owned by Sue Bee® Honey. It is then shipped fresh and pure to your local grocery store shelves.

The only exceptions to “American grown” honey are two: five-pound containers of Sue Bee® Honey sold by a certain club store and “organic” honey — which by definition cannot be produced in the United States and originates in Brazil. When Sue Bee® states “American grown,” it is referring to honey bees owned by American beekeepers producing honey in the U.S. and pollinating U.S. crops.

Sue Bee® Honey does market imported honey to food manufacturers. This honey originates in Canada, Brazil and other select countries. Like all Sue Bee® Honey, this foreign honey undergoes rigorous testing at the Sue Bee® Honey Quality Laboratory to ensure its purity. If it does not meet specific standards for purity, it is not accepted. This process ensures that Sue Bee® Honey is packaging and marketing only pure, premium honey. Sue Bee® Honey does not, and will not, purchase honey from China.

As noted by Allibone, “Sue Bee® Honey is proud of its ability to provide the highest quality American grown honey to our loyal customers. We renew our commitment to the public that we will produce and market only the purest high-quality honey at all times.”

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