Remembering the Sue Bee® Honey Bear

September 9th is recognized as National Teddy Bear Day, so what better time to dig into the old archives and remember an old friend of Sue Bee® honey?! It all started with a big announcement to introduce a new celebrity spokesperson …

Sue Bee® honey new spokesperson

… who quickly became a beloved character synonymous with the brand – and its classic honey-bear packaging.

sue bee is for me bear

He appeared in everything from national magazines and free standing inserts to being featured in holiday promotions and even television commercials! Early storyboards showed him reaching into a beehive …

Sue Bee® honey storyboard 1

…  only to find a bottle of honey inside.

Sue Bee® honey storyboard 2

This commercial showed him enjoying Sue Bee® honey on all kinds of foods and focused on his favorite saying, “Sue Bee is For Me!”

He appeared on the cover of numerous cookbooks that featured original recipes, like this one for the Sioux Honey Association’s 75th Anniversary …

Sue Bee® honey anniversary
… and this colorful cookbook for children that included 29 “luscious recipes for fudge, cakes, pies, coffee cake and more!”

Sue Bee® honey kids cookbook

There were fake magazine covers made for him to help market the brand, like this example from 1994.

bear facts with Sue Bee® honey

 And there were tons of ads that featured him, too. From private label recruitment …

Sue Bee® honey best selling

… to specific products and coupons for Sue Bee® honey …

sue bee orange honey

… and even some cross-promotion. Like this ad with Cream of Wheat!

Sue Bee® honey cream of wheat

But mostly, our friend was fond of cooking with honey. He loved him some sweets …

Sue Bee® honey Bear Recipe card fudge

… but also went “nutty” for a sweet Sue Bee® fruit salad.

Sue Bee® honey Walnut salad

In the mornings, he didn’t waffle on his favorite breakfast …

Sue Bee® honey waffles

… and at dinnertime, he made sure there was nothin’ left on the chicken but the bones …

Sue Bee® honey Bear Nothin but bones ad

… but his sweet tooth always seemed to lead him back to the cookie jar.

Sue Bee® honey chipper cookies

Unfortunately, there was a time when he went in to hibernation from TV advertising. But it didn’t last long!

Sue Bee® honey bear im baaack

He was proud to tout Sue Bee as U.S. Grade A Clover Honey and went as far to call it “Premi-YUM” whenever he had the chance.

sue bee is premi-yum sweets

sue bee is premi yum
He liked to sweeten his tea with honey …

Sue Bee® honey sweet tea

… and his sweet holidays always started with it, too!Sue Bee® honey sweet holidays

Speaking of the holidays, his cookie jar could never seem to stay full as he was always eating Sue Bee® cookies by the pawful.

Sue Bee® honey cookies pawful

We’ll always miss our good friend and remember him fondly. Until next time …

Sue Bee® honey bear clock radio

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