Policy on Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Sioux Honey Association is committed to global efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking. Toward that end, Sioux Honey Association makes the following statement regarding its efforts in that regard.

  1. Sioux Honey Association promotes its anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking policies by requiring that its direct suppliers pledge that the supplier is complying with anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking laws that exist in the country(s) in which a particular supplier is doing business. Sioux Honey Association further requires that all of its direct suppliers complete and submit a self-assessment survey on a periodic basis regarding its compliance with these laws. This verification process is conducted directly by Sioux Honey Association.
  2. Sioux Honey Association requires that its direct suppliers certify the materials incorporated into products sold to the Association comply with the laws regarding anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking. The Association does not conduct audits of such suppliers to evaluate their compliance because the Association strives to do business only with reputable and ethical suppliers.
  3. Sioux Honey Association provides, on an ongoing basis, training regarding anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking laws to its employees and management who have direct responsibility for supply chain management. The Association further maintains internal accountability standards and procedures for employees or suppliers failing to meet company standards regarding slavery and trafficking.

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