Jack-O’-Lantern Honey Bottle

The best part about this time of year is that there is no such thing as being too festive. Houses become haunted, pumpkin becomes its own food group and crafting is a must. When it comes to Halloween decorations, the sky is the limit. Our Jack-o’-Lantern Honey Bottle is frighteningly adorable and the perfect activity to do with your little ghouls! Try it tonight for sweet, spooky Halloween décor.

Things you’ll need:

Sue Bee® honey bottle
Orange acrylic paint
Gold glitter paint, optional
Black Halloween stickers
1 battery-powered tea light
Box cutter

How to:

  1. Clean an empty Sue Bee® bottle and remove labeling.
  2. When dry, paint the outside of the bottle. Let dry then add a second coat.
  3. Apply the Halloween stickers to the front of the bottle.
  4. Using the box cutter cut an opening in the lower back part of the bottle, big enough to fit the tea light.
  5. Turn on the tea light and place inside the bottle through the opening that you cut.
  6. Tie twine around the neck of the bottle in a bow.
  7. Place anywhere for a touch of Halloween.

Show us your recreations on Twitter, Instagram or Pintererst. Happy Halloween!

Categories: Craft Ideas DIY

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