Honey Bottle Nighttime Bowling

One of the best parts of summer is when the sun goes down, the temperature cools and the fireflies come out to play. Whether you’re having friends over or need to keep the kids entertained, nighttime bowling is the perfect summer evening game. Forget the ugly bowling shoes and the over-priced alleys. In just 10 minutes, using things from around the house, you have a fun game for the whole family!

Things you’ll need:
– 6 empty Sue Bee® honey bottles
– 6 glow sticks (short and thick ones are best for this project)
– 1 ball heavy enough to knock down the bottles (e.g., softball)
– Paper and pencil to keep score

1. Make sure your Sue Bee® honey bottles are cleaned out; remove the labels by running them under hot water.
2. Fill bottles with water, leaving about 1 inch at the top.
3. “Crack” and shake your glow sticks to activate the chemicals.
4. Place the glow sticks in the bottle; replace lid.
5. Set up outside on a level patio, playground, grassy area or driveway; 3 pins in the back, 2 pins in the middle, 1 pin in the front, approximately 4-6 inches apart.
6. Grab your “scoreboard” and you’re ready to play!

Bowling rules can be sort of challenging for younger kids so to make it easier, try the following.

– For each game, play 10 frames.
– During each frame, each player should try to knock down as many pins as possible.
– Players get to roll the ball twice for each turn. If the player knocks down all the pins, that person only rolls once that turn.
– Players receive 1 point for each pin they knock down.
– When you complete all 10 frames, add up everyone’s points to see who got the highest score.

Be sure to remind everyone about the importance of good sportsmanship and then let the games begin! Nighttime bowling is a simple, inexpensive activity that you can do in the privacy of your own backyard. Let us see your nighttime bowling photos by sharing them with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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