Honey Bottle Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for decorations for your Halloween festivities or something to do with the kids, it’s time to get crafty with our Honey-Inspired Painted Pumpkins or Honey Bottle Halloween Costumes (directions below)! Dress up or paint an ordinary bottle of Sue Bee® honey to create a festive decoration or the perfect prize for a costume contest!

What you’ll need:

– 12-oz. table server of Sue Bee® Clover Honey (Minion or Frankenstein)

– 12-oz. squeeze bear of Sue Bee® honey (Mummy or Ghost)

– 1-lb. bottle of Aunt Sue’s® Raw & Unfiltered Honey (Candy Corn)

– 2-oz. bottles of acrylic paint (colors: Bright Yellow, Jack-O’-Lantern Orange, True Blue, Holly Green and/or Snow White)

– a few paintbrushes (different sizes)

– painter’s tape (1.88-inch width)

– 1 black permanent marker

– a few facial tissues

– 1 self-adhesive bandage roll (in the first-aid section of your local pharmacy)

– a rubber band or small piece of ribbon

For the mummy, begin wrapping a 12-oz. squeeze honey bear in the bandage, starting at the bottom. Layer around the bear until you’ve reached the top and there are no gaps in the bandage. Using scissors or a box cutter, cut slits in some of the bandage layers to create a more worn and shredded effect, and your honey bear mummy is ready for Halloween.

For the ghost, simply take two Kleenex tissues layered on top of each other and place over a 12-oz. squeeze honey bear. Gather the material around its neck and tie with a rubber band, piece of ribbon or piece of string. Using a black permanent marker, carefully draw eyes and a mouth on the ghost’s face (note: the permanent marker will bleed on the tissue, so draw and color slowly). Fluff up the tissues and you’re all set!

For the minion, start by taping off the bottom section of a 12-oz. table server with your painter’s tape. Paint the top (larger) section of the bottle with the yellow paint and let dry. Repeat until the yellow is solid. Once it’s fully dry, remove the painter’s tape and paint the bottom section blue and let dry. Repeat until the blue is also solid. Once it’s fully dry, paint eyes and mouth on the bottle or print off eyes and a mouth to complete your minion.

For Frankenstein, start by painting an entire 12-oz. table server bottle green. Let dry and then add a second coat Once it’s fully dry, draw two large ovals for the eyes with a black permanent marker. Following the example in the photo above, add a nose, a squiggly mouth and hair with the black permanent marker (note: also color the top of the bottle with the black permanent marker to complete the hair). Next, paint the inside of the ovals using a small paint brush and the white paint. Once they’re fully dry, create the eyes by following the photo above and coloring the black part with the permanent marker. Lastly, attach two bolts or screws (whatever you have laying around) with double-sided tape to the sides of the face to complete the Frankenstein look.

For the candy corn, start by taping off the cap and the bottom section of a 1-lb. Aunt Sue’s® honey bottle. Paint the exposed section with the orange paint and let dry; repeat as necessary. After orange section is fully dry, remove painter’s tape from bottom section and paint this part yellow. Let dry and repeat as necessary. Lastly, paint the cap solid white, let dry and your piece of candy corn is finished!

Share your creations with us by uploading a photo to our Facebook page or tagging us on Twitter and Instagram using @SueBeeUSA!

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