Statement from William F. Huser, VP of R&D, Sioux Honey Association:

  1. Honey produced by Sioux Honey Association is not ultra-filtered.
  2. All raw honey purchased by Sioux Honey contains pollen and can be tested for country of origin by pollen analysis.
  3. The presence, or absence, of pollen in our honey products is not a food safety issue, nor is its presence required by the USDA, the FDA or American tradition.
  4. Sioux Honey filters honey to remove hive debris and prevent granulation, which incidentally removes some of the pollen.
  5. Sioux Honey filters honey according to USDA standards; the same way we have filtered honey since the 1950s. This filtration is macrofiltration, designed to remove visible particles, and much less aggressive than ultrafiltration.