4 Homemade Dog Treats Made With Honey

Have you ever considered making homemade treats for your furry friend? Not only do homemade dog treats help you ensure that your pup is getting a wholesome snack, but you can tailor the recipes to meet your dog’s preferences and dietary restrictions! Homemade dog treats are a great alternative to the commercial dog treat brands that usually have fillers and byproducts.

Editor’s note: Always consult with your veterinarian if you are unsure about giving your dog any of the ingredients included in these homemade recipes. You may find alternatives better-suited for your dog’s specific needs.

What dog doesn’t love a spoonful of peanut butter as a treat? Get creative by using cookie cutters to make these Peanut Butter Dog Treats by the Cookie Rookie into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a bone, a heart or even a star, your dog will love these treats no matter the shape!

The British Baker’s Banana and Honey Dog Treats are sure to get your dog’s attention from the smell alone! Thanks to the honey and bananas, these treats are sure to please your dog’s tastebuds and body.

Does your dog have a sweet tooth? Dog Treat Kitchen’s Sweet Potato Cookie Dog Treats will fulfill your dog’s cravings! The sweetness comes from the sweet potato and honey rather than refined sugars that might be in commercial brand dog treats.

These Cinnamon Apple Dog Bones from Easy-Home-Made are a simple treat option for your dog. With honey, cinnamon, apples and an optional peanut butter glaze, these treats are sure to please even the pickiest of pups!

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