12 Game Day Recipes With Honey

Create the ultimate spread for the Big Game using these delicious recipes for chicken wings, barbecue meatballs, party mixes and more that are sure to satisfy the hunger of your favorite team of armchair quarterbacks!

1.  Honey Glazed Chicken Wings
Get started with our delicious Honey Glazed Chicken Wings that have the perfect amount of kick!

2.  Apple Honey Glazed Chicken Wings
Here’s another tasty chicken wing recipe to try from Robin Spires. They were another entry in the Sue Bee® Honey Sweet Eats Recipe Contest!

3.  Honey Mini-Meatballs
These Sue Bee® Mini Meatballs are easy to prepare and your guests will love them!

4.  Petty Party Meatballs
Or you can give our other meatball recipe a try – this one happens to be a favorite of Richard Petty!

5.  Honey Ham Balls
If you want to add a tasty twist to the classic meatball, try making them with ham and following our Honey Ham Balls recipe!

6.  Super Bowl of Chili
Of course, it wouldn’t be game day without a bowl of chili. Our Sue Bee® Super Bowl of Chili is the perfect way to warm up!

7.  Sassy Sweet & Spicy Chili
Or if you prefer your chili to have a little kick while still being sweet, give this recipe a shot!

8.  Honey Pretzel Bites
Our pretzel bites recipe takes the taste and flavor you’ve come to know and turns them into a bite-sized snack that’s perfect for any occasion.

9.  Honey Mustard Beer Brats
If weather permits, fire up the grill and make our delicious beer brats! You can also substitute the brat for a regular hot dog if you prefer.

10.  Honey Snack Mix
Fill a bowl and let party-goers load up on our snack mix throughout the day!

11.  Hot Honey Stingy Snack Crackers
Fill another bowl with this Sweet Eats Recipe Contest entry from Sheila Suhan!

12.  Finger Licking Good Cranberry Hot Wings
If you prefer your wings to have a little more heat but still maintain their sweetness, try Noreen Danek’s entry in the Sue Bee® Honey Sweet Eats Recipe Contest!

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