11 Spinach Recipes With Honey

Popeye ate it, so why can’t you? Spinach has more potential than just green leaves piled on your plate. Bring some flavor and life to spinach by adding it to smoothies or using it as the foundation for a salad. Try some of these spinach recipes with honey and let us know what you think!

Don’t be scared by the green color that spinach gives smoothies. Spinach actually takes on the taste of the accompanying ingredients quite well.

Sue Bee® Honey Mango Spinach Smoothie uses orange juice as the base and incorporates bananas and mango for a harmonious blend of fruit flavors.

Joy the Baker’s Super Spinach Smoothie uses a green grass powder to add to the wholesomeness of the spinach and other ingredients in this recipe.

Another great one to try from Joy the Baker is the Kale Spinach and Pear Smoothie. The kale adds another green to the mix of spinach and fruit.

Wishing you were on the beach? Lipton’s Tropical Tea Smoothie might just make you feel like you’re there if you close your eyes.

Using spinach in a salad doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless. Try some of these Sue Bee® honey recipes.

This Spicy Strawberry Spinach Salad mixes sweet and zesty for a pleasing flavor.

The Cranberry Spinach Salad recipe uses Dijon mustard to rouse your palate.

Sue Bee’s Honey-Herb Chicken and Spinach Salad adds bits of chicken for substance to help fill you up.

Spinach, mandarin oranges, honey and walnuts are the core of this Honey-Spinach Salad.

Make spinach as a side dish to accompany your meals.

The Food Network shares Emeril Lagasse’s Spinach Sauteed With Garlic, Figs and Honey recipe. The honey adds a touch of sweetness while the figs add texture and substance.

Spark Recipes has a Sauteed Spinach With Honey recipe that uses raisins to bring the spinach to life.

Spinach doesn’t always have to be on the side. It can be an additive to the main dish, too.

Mazola shares this Honey Lemon Glazed Salmon With Spinach Saute that utilizes honey and spinach to complement the salmon.

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