11 Road Trip Snacks Made With Honey

Summer is all about good food, the outdoors and sharing experiences with friends and family. Summertime often brings about road trips, and what are road trips without delicious snacks? Don’t forget to pack some of these snacks made with honey for your adventures.

Start your morning off with Honey Breakfast Bites shared by Kara Culpepper in our Sweet Eats Recipe Contest. The preparation and cooking are done ahead of time so all you have to do is eat a few!

Enjoy some Honey Cornflakes Cakes from Cookies or Biscuits. Though the recipe says they are more of a dessert than a breakfast food, who’s to stop you?

Banana Honey-Walnut Muffins from Once Upon a Chef will put some pep in your step to help get you motivated while on your excursions.

Sunny Side Ups shares a recipe for Almond Butter and Honey Blondies that will be eaten quickly.

Another recipe that will be gobbled up is Jannine Fisk’s Salted Caramel Honey Brickle Brownies that she entered into our Sweet Eats Contest. Chocolate is a must for outdoor activities but often melts in the heat. Our brownies won’t leave you with that mess.

Our Trail Mix Cookies are a necessity when it comes to camping and the outdoors. They are tasty and packed with protein to hold you over in between meals.

If you are looking for a fruit-filled snack to take with you, make Homemade Fruit Snacks shared by Thank Your Body.

Need just a handful of something to munch on? Bring along our Sweet and Spicy Walnuts or these Hot Honey Stingy Snack Crackers shared by Sheila Suhan in our Sweet Eats Contest.

These Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzels from Table for Two are perfect to pack for a little substance throughout your trip.

Our Peanut Butter Snacks will help give you a burst of energy as you drive along the open roads.

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