11 Poolside Treats Made With Honey

Summer and pool days go together like bees and honey. You can’t have one without the other! Stay energized at the pool with some of these snacks that will give you the drive to keep swimming.

Our Honey Snack Mix has a blend of crunchy ingredients to munch on throughout the day. With pretzels and pecans, you have the perfect little snack to keep you on your feet … or in the water.

Another snack to try is this Honey Bacon Snack Mix shared by Rachael Ray. Who doesn’t love bacon?

Aunt Sue’s® Oatmeal Bites shared by Pam Correll in the Sue Bee® Honey Sweet Eats Recipe Contest will help give you a burst of energy and fill you up just enough to hold your appetite until mealtime.

Make these Apple Zucchini Healthy Snacks by The NY Melrose Family. They are quick and easy and help get in extra fruit and vegetables for the day.

Tina Jensen shared her recipe for Lunchbox Granola Treats in our Sweet Eats Contest. This snack has an ample amount of protein to help give you more energy for pool games.

Our Scary Good Popcorn has a honey coating that will satisfy your afternoon cravings!

Another sweet treat is our Honey Puppy Chow. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter.

If you like peanut butter, make some Healthier Than Rice Krispie Treats from Happy Healthy Mama. The perfect size to pop one in your mouth between dives off the board.

The Bitter Side of Sweet shares a recipe for Fruity Pebbles Granola Bars that are not only delicious but also fun-looking!

Forget about processed fruit snacks and make Homemade Fruit Snacks by Living Healthy With Chocolate. These will be a hit with the kids.

Paleo Grubs shares these Homemade Blackberry Paleo Fruit Roll-Ups that are simple to make ahead of time and easy to bring along to the pool.

What did we miss? Share your favorite honey poolside recipes with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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