Soothe Dry Skin

Try our natural mixture – with AUNT SUE’S® Raw & Unfiltered Organic Honey – this winter

Ever had skin so dry you’ve contemplated sleeping with your hands submersed in buckets of lotion? No matter how much we try to stay ahead of the season’s dry air, it seems like, every winter, Jack Frost wreaks havoc on our skin regardless of how much water-based lotion we use. Luckily for us, we have a homemade moisturizer to help soothe dry, chapped skin.

It has only four ingredients, and one of them is AUNT SUE’S® Raw & Unfiltered Organic Honey. We pair our honey – which has minimal water content – with other natural ingredients to create a buttery solution that offers relief to dry skin. Try a batch this winter and let us know how it works.


1 cup AUNT SUE’S® Raw & Unfiltered Organic Honey

16 oz organic extra virgin coconut oil

16 oz organic unrefined shea butter

2 tbsp organic pure vanilla extract


Melt and blend honey, coconut oil and shea butter in a double boiler over medium heat while stirring constantly.

After the ingredients are thoroughly blended, remove from heat and place in the refrigerator to solidify the mixture. 

Once the mixture is solidified, scoop pieces into a bowl and use a stand mixer or hand mixer to whip the contents.

Finally, add and blend in the vanilla. You can also add essential oils to give the cream a preferred scent, if desired.

This recipe will fill 10 half-pint mason jars.

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