Who Does Your Honey Come From?

It's not just where your honey comes from that matters. It's who. And we know our 200+ independent family beekeepers by name.

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Introducing Our New Infused Honeys

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Strawberry, Vanilla and Lemon Honey

From Comb to Home

As a co-op, not a corporation, we keep our focus on what’s best for our beekeepers, our honey and our customers. In short, if we wouldn’t put the honey on our own dinner table, we won’t put it on yours.

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Owned by Beekeepers, Operated by Beekeepers

Whether they’re tending to hives in the Dakota prairies or on the Hawaiian Islands, we know where and who our honey comes from. Because, as members of a co-op, our beekeepers make decisions together and do what’s best for our honey and what’s best for the families who buy our honey.

Mason M.

Turtle Lake, ND

After working for his beekeeping grandfather-in-law in North Dakota for a summer, Mason learned the universal truth of beekeeping: "Once it’s in your blood, it’s always there."

Jamie O.

Deckerville, MI

Beekeeping has been the family business for generations. And as Jamie now tends the nearly 4,300 hives, she’s finding ways to follow tradition while making her own way.

David C.

Jonesboro, AR

A third-generation beekeeper, David says being a member of the co-op allows him to do what he loves best – take care of the bees. “Sioux Honey Association Co-op markets our honey so we can focus on our hives."

From Our Hives to Your Table

Our beekeepers know honey makes every meal better. So, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just packing lunch for the kids, these recipes will bring a little honey-sweetened goodness to your day.

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